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What is food for you? - Is it a source of fuel? Is it a source of shame? Is it status? Is it comfort? Is it freedom?

For our tribe, food is a story. A story of who we are, and whom we want to become. You and your coach are going to work together to redefine what food is for you. Whether that is to maximize your athletic performance, gain a few pounds of muscle, or lose a lot of weight, your coach will guide you and teach you the habits and tools you need to have an incredible relationship with food. 

You are different 

Every individual is different and has a different background and struggles. That's why templated diets and calculators won’t work. They don’t take your uniqueness into consideration - Your genes, your microbiome, your diet history, your habits, and many other factors make it impossible to create the right program for you if you are using templates that are geared towards the masses. 



Our tribe has experienced it all. We are so passionate about our tribe because we are used to the hardships of trying to become a better version of ourselves. We have seen the consequences of not being able to fall asleep or even staying asleep. We have seen low sex drive and low energy levels. We have seen the struggle of losing weight and then regaining it. Sadly, we have seen it all, which is why we can't wait to share what we learned.

Your coach will help you create goals with specific macros, in other words, how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats you need to eat in any given day, as well as what supplements and other tools are going help you get to your goals, like water intake, meal timing, carb loading, etc.


You can't out-train a bad diet.

Food is the magic pill.

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