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Have a motive

If you find yourself failing every time you start a new training program, or losing the ability to stay consistent in the pursuit of your goals, then you don’t need a new program, or gym, or shoes.. You just need a stronger motive.

Coaches, youtube videos, songs etc… all of those can exponentially increase our desire to act, but if you don’t find a good “why”, you will very quickly stop pursuing that thing you want.

Motive 1: “ I will be strong for my daughters. I will set an example for them on how to lead a healthy life!”

Motive 2: “ I want to look good so I can post good pictures”

Its obvious. One is going to push through every obstacle, the other one will have a much harder time staying committed.

Counting on having obstacles helps a lot, specially because it gives you the ability to prepare before hand. I spend 10 to 15 mins every morning on what will my reaction be when they do happen because its really easy for your brain rationalize the pain of staying committed to your goals, and it will lead you into the easy way. If you have followed any fitness/nutrition related goals before, you know what im talking about, the obstacles you’ve faced are:


🧠Financial problems

🧠Super slow progress


🧠The masses giving you their opinions

🧠Hormonal issues

🧠Wrong prescriptions

🧠Forgetting to meal prep ( I know, 3rd week in a row, im talking to you b)

🧠Social commitments


Having a hard time staying committed? Rethink your motives, make sure your “why” is bulletproof, and start again… You can always start again. Go get it.




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