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Move heavy loads, often.

We need to be moving very heavy loads… often.

The benefits of training heavy, at least once a week, are plenty… testosterone levels increase, IGF-1 and growth hormone levels increase, insulin regulation is optimized, muscle mass increases, the entire spectrum of muscle fibers is recruited, etc. These are just some of the physiological adaptations; the psychological adaptations are even better (saving that for another post). Pro-tip: go into a sauna for 20mins after a strength session. Find research on what happens when both are paired together.

The benefits of going heavy are pretty much obvious. The hard part is exercise selection and implementation…Methods are many, principles are very few. Unless you are training for a specific sport, it doesn’t matter what method you use to move heavy weight, as long as you do. This is the principle: “to place a stimulus in your body that creates adaptation.”

🏋🏻‍♂️Exercises selection

You want a great stimulus. Multi-joint exercises give you the greatest stimulus. Compare how much weight you can move by doing bicep curls and how much weight you can move by doing deadlifts.. multi-joint exercises allow you to move heavier loads because you use multiple muscle groups at the same time.


Just move very heavy weight for a couple of sets. Think of squats, swings, deadlifts, turkish get ups etc…Out of all the multi-joint movements out there, I like sleds the most! They give you by far the biggest bang for your buck. There is almost zero chance of injury, no technique required, no spinal loading and lastly, probably the heaviest you can go in any movement often and not get sore or feel like your CNS is about to come out of your brain and hit you in the face. Check my stories out -- did sets of 500+ lbs yesterday and I feel great. My American brother makes an appearance too. (I beat him)

Thoughts? Got other ways of safely getting stronger? Comment below! Would love to know what are you doing to get stronger. 




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