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Get an authentic relationship with an expert coach that will teach you how to get the body composition you want, increase energy levels and strength numbers, sleep quality, and most importantly, develop an unbent, unbreakable, unruled mindset.

It's time to bring your best self to life. 

1-on-1 Coaching

We are passionate about guiding others into their best selves, it is what we do best. We promise that in a couple of months you will look at yourself in the mirror and you will see a different person than the one that joined our tribe.

Weekly face-to-face meetings with your coach to go over your progress. Yes, a real human that struggles just like you.

Talk with your coach 24/7 via our app. Share your weaknesses so we can turn them into strengths.

Proven mindset tools. Learn how world-class athletes and business leaders develop unbreakable habits. 

Gain access to our app. You will be able to track important markers like progress pictures, body composition, meals, workouts, etc.

Individualized program. We are all different, you will get a program that is based on your lifestyle, your needs, and your preferences. 

Receive the latest findings from the scientific  community when it comes to mindset, nutrition and training.

Get our app

Depending on what program is the one that fits you best, you will be able to track all aspects of your journey such as knowing what your specific macronutrients are, movement demos to make sure your technique is on point, body stats and progress pictures to ensure you are making forward progress, your weekly training schedule, habits that your coach wants you to work on, etc.  All accessible to you from your smartphone.


The road to self-betterment


In our tribe, you will find moms, full-time students, professional athletes, first responders, people that want to feel good, people that want to look good, people that want to have higher energy levels, etc. The one common trait that all of them have is a desire to become better. 


“One of the things I like most about Fitten is that they are not trying to sell us on anything that doesn’t feel intuitively true to me -- mostly because I have a good bullshit detector. So does my coach. He’s not pushing a fad diet of any kind, or fast fixes. He’s pushing mindfulness, integrity, and discipline. I respond to that and recommend him to anyone that also responds to that.” 

- Charles Griffin

Ready to go all-in on yourself?

Not sure if our tribe is what you are looking for?

Getting a coach was a nerve-wracking commitment for some of the members of our tribe, feel free to reach out and we will jump on a call with you to explain the ins and outs of our coaching experience. Plus, if this is not something you absolutely loved after your first 60 days, we will give back every dollar you invested in yourself.

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