We promise that you will look at yourself in the mirror and you will see a different person than the one that joined our tribe.



Get our our unique FITTEN app

Contact your coach 24/7 through your app. You will also be able to track all aspects of your fitness such as knowing what are your specific macronutrients, movement demos, track progress via body stats and progress pictures, see your weekly training schedule, etc.

All accessible to you from your smartphone.


What is food for you?

Is it a source of fuel? Is it a source of shame? Is it status? Is it comfort? Is it freedom?

For our tribe, food is a story - A story of who we are, and whom we want to become. You and your coach are going to work together to redefine what food is for you.


Whether that is to maximize your athletic performance, gain a few pounds of muscle, or lose a lot of weight, your coach will guide you and teach you the habits and tools you need to have an incredible relationship with food. 

 Every individual is different and has a different background and struggles. That's why templated diets and calculators won’t work.

They don’t take your uniqueness into consideration.

Your genes, your gut, your diet history, and many other factors make it impossible to create the right program for you if you are using templates that are geared towards the masses. 



Can't sleep at night? Have zero sex drive? Need insane amounts of energy drinks or espresso shots just to get by? No energy? Can't lose weight and always hungry? - Sadly, our coaches have seen it - and have fixed it!. We love when our tribe manipulates lifestyle to fix all these little things.



Your coach will help you create goals with specific macros, in other words, how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats you need to eat in any given day, as well as what supplements and other tools are going help you get to your goals, like water intake, meal timing, carb loading, etc.


Our training programs are for those that are willing to work hard. That's what we do, we work hard. We understand the need for an appropriate stimulus in order for your body to effectively adapt to it - In other words, you need to go all-in into your training if you want to see any adaptation.

We are firm believers in pursuing excellence and doing any task to the best of your ability. Our tribe of expert coaches is fully invested and genuinely cares about you, which is also why we ask that same level of commitment from you. Nothing more, nothing less.


Our needs differ by degree, not kind

A program based on you and your training history

Our coaches will create a progression based on your awesomeness. It will all depend on a conversation both of you have, and what your goals are.

If your goals are fat-loss related, your coach might create a program with specific heart rate zones in it.

If your goals are related to getting stronger in specific areas, your coach might create a program that includes powerlifting with percentage-based training.


It will all depend on goals both of you set, together, as a team.

Sport Specific

Raw strength, plyometrics, recovery, mobility, functional movements, and the mental game - These are all key players in any sport from World Champions to weekend warriors. With help from our coaches, we try our best to make sure you perform at the highest level.


A tribe of champions

Tell your coach you want to be the best in your sport. And get ready.

We have a couple of world champions in our tribe. Is not for everyone. 

Just know that if you want to go down that path, we got you.


Don't know which program to choose? Having trouble deciding if this is the tribe you have been missing? Send us an email and one of our coaches will gladly help you answer questions or concerns you may have.


You will have access to your own program throughout your journey. The best part is that this program is 100% customizable so, if you don't like certain things, you and your coach can go over them.


We understand that the needs of a 23-year-old pro-athlete and 41-year-old mom are different. When writing your program, we will aim for the stimulus that is going to make your body adapt quicker, so you get faster results.



You will learn to love yourself and love hard work if you don't already. Our coaches have been there, and they have lots of knowledge on how it feels to not like the reflection you see in the mirror. Feel free to ask your coach anything, you will be amazed at how much your coach is willing to share.


Ready to go all-in

on yourself?


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